Search for an internship in applied biotechnology (Master 1, Bac+4)

November 22, 2011 by Charlotte Lepère - Douard   Comments (0)


A student from the French institute ISSBA (Institut Supérieur de la Santé et des Bioproduits) is searching for an intership in Europe (preferrably France, UK or Ireland) linked with applied biotechnology.

In particular this student would be interested in studying the various stages from a research project to the development of a final product. The field of application is not yet defined and may be related either to pharmacology, cosmetic, environment, etc.

She will be available between April and August 2012 and should benefit from a grant.

If you have some internship offers, please be so kind as to contact me at so that I can send you the student's curriculum vitae.

Many thanks in advance for your kind collaboration!



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