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The Microarrays facility is a functional exploration facility to develop DNA microarrays studies which can be used to monitor DNA copy number variation and RNA expression.


SSFA-GPHR Database

The SSFA-GPHR information source


Xenopus transgenesis facility (Biogenouest)

The Xenopus biological resource center offers access to its expertise in Xenopus breeding, production and transgenesis.


IMPACT "Molecular Interactions Proteins Microarrays Activities" (Biogenouest)

The IMPACT core facility offers a set of cutting-edge technologies for the study of molecular interactions, from high throughput screening to structural and functional characterization of interactions by biophysical tools


PRISM, functional imaging core facility (Biogenouest)

The functional imaging core facility PRISM offers a range of outstanding, well-matched methodological skills (imaging, spectroscopy, MRI, NMR and CT) for the investigation of experimental models.


GenOuest, Bioinformatics facility (Biogenouest)

GenOuest provides a complete bioinformatics environment: computing power, storage, databanks and software. The facility is developing an expertise in the field of pattern matching and pattern discovery tool


Molecular Biotechnology

Molecular Biotechnology is directed towards the discovery and production of proteins with biotechnological interest with application in the biomedical area or in the food and agriculture industry.


Advanced Sequencing Service

The Advanced Sequencing Services unit is specialized in the area of DNA sequencing of next generation and is focused in applications in a wide range of fields.


Laboratory for Advanced Computing of the University of Coimbra

Laboratory for Advanced Computing (UC-LCA) aims to provide advanced computing resources for research in physics, chemistry, applied mathematics, engineering and biological sciences to research groups and companies.


Computational structural biology laboratory

Computational structural biology laboratory aims focused research in molecular mechanisms of human disease.



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