ShareBiotech - Sharing life science infrastructures and skills to benefit the Atlantic Area biotechnology sector


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ShareBiotech is a European INTERREG project, which aims to improve technology penetration in the life science and biotechnology sphere within the Atlantic Area. It contributes to the 1st priority of the Atlantic area transnational programme whose objective is to promote transnational entrepreneurial and innovation networks.

ShareBiotech aims to develop knowledge transfer between companies and research centres.

Led by French organizations, the project is implemented by a consortium of 10 partners from 4 Member States (France, Ireland, Portugal and Spain) and 7 regions.

Brief description: ShareBiotech - Sharing life science infrastructures and skills to benefit the Atlantic Area biotechnology sector

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MicroPICell, Cellular and tissular imaging core facility of Nantes University (Biogenouest)

The MicroPICell platform proposes a regulated access to imaging systems and services in histology.


ELISA & Multiplex

The ELISA & Multiplex facility is specialized in the quantification of biomarkers, especially proteins in tissues and fluids.


Advanced Sequencing Service

The Advanced Sequencing Services unit is specialized in the area of DNA sequencing of next generation and is focused in applications in a wide range of fields.


DNA Genotyping

DNA Genotyping facility aims to supply large scale services to public organizations and companies and is specialized in the determination DNA modifications.


Cell Culture

The Cell Culture facility is specialized in cell culture in general, isolation of stem cells from the umbilical cord, cell viability assays and cellular characterization.


Mass Spectrometry / Proteomics

Mass Spectrometry / Proteomics unit is specialized in the identification and quantification of proteins from complex samples, identification of post-translational modifications, and identification and quantification of drugs and metabolites.


Molecular Biotechnology

Molecular Biotechnology is directed towards the discovery and production of proteins with biotechnological interest with application in the biomedical area or in the food and agriculture industry.



The Bioinformatic Platform works at the interface between computer science and biomedical science.



The Microarrays facility is a functional exploration facility to develop DNA microarrays studies which can be used to monitor DNA copy number variation and RNA expression.


ABiMS, Analysis and Bioinformatics for Marine Science (Biogenouest)

The Analysis and Bioinformatics for Marine Science (ABiMS) Core Facility is a bioinformatics platform devoted to the study and the analysis of data on marine organisms

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